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Ottmerfood delivers

Our services for international producers, who want to conquer German and European markets:

  • New business development and extension of existing customer relationships
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Development and implementation of marketing measures
  • Facilitating the dialog between all involved parties through personal support on-site
  • Logistic services, distribution and handling, storage and customized packaging
  • Network for application technology, R&D contacts to universities and research institutions

The German food producing industry is a highly attractive market with a volume of about 175 billion€ (Bundesverband der Deutschen Ernährungsindustrie, 2014) and it is very competitive.

Ingredient solutions, that help selling

Challenges for decision makers (product developer, buyer, technologists), especially in the food industry, are numerous and manifold:

  • Life cycles of products are getting shorter; new trends have to be created and served.
  • Increasing liability vis-a-vis retailers and consumers.
  • Manufacturing processes are becoming more and more technological and demanding; cost pressure remains high.

Ottmerfood is supporting the Industry!.

One example: We are helping European clients to source ingredients in Africa, America and China. In Eastern China we are cooperating with a local team that is able to monitor quality control.